In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. 

- Matthew 5:16


Ways you can help our Ministry:

You can join in on the action by helping Transporting food, furniture, appliances, or other donations.   It would be greatly appreciated if you Volunteer to cook evening meals.   Help serve and clean up after meals.   Help clean and organize storage areas or kitchen on a regular basis.   help Wash towels and/or bedding. help Work construction for the special ministry projects.   Transport others for job placements, medical needs, or social services.   Help fill out paperwork for the ministry.   Help people fill out applications for jobs, housing, or medical.   Notify us of job openings with work like moving, hauling things off, yardwork, or light construction. 

APpreciated Actions 

   Thanks for all you do!!!.


Businesses, churches, and organizations giving leftover food from banquets or benefits .Churches collecting food and donating it to us.Sunday school having a fundraiser. A VBS donating canned soups. Bible study requesting paper products to attend. A Girl Scout troop and a youth group serving their time. A choir singing a Christmas Cantata. People crocheting hats and gloves.Individuals and a ladies group baking desserts. Businesses allowing us to buy food or other items at their cost.Food donations from a couple of local businesses. Senior ladies buying fresh fruit each month. Gardeners sharing their fresh produce.An individual making a paper bag lunch bag for a single man.Individuals buying special purchases like can openers, drink containers, and much more. Businesses donating cups and ice. Churches donating money. Catholic crews doing missions trips and others helping with construction.