Frequent Questions

& Answers

Q:  When and where do you feed?

A:  Word in Action Ministries feeds hot meals Mon. - Fri. evenings at 6:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall at Trinity Worship Center, Baxter Springs, Kansas. 
Q:  Who do you feed? Is it a soup kitchen for the homeless?

A:  The name of our feeding program is "Community Dinner" with the hope that anyone and everyone across the social-economic scale would feel comfortable to eat here. Many who choose to eat do so because they lost a job, are on a fixed income, ran out of food stamps, are moving, just had surgery, or even lost a loved one. 

Q:  What kind of food do you serve?

A:  Whatever food we have been able to find at great prices or is donated. Casseroles, soups, and sandwiches go the farthest so are used most of the time. A meat dish is served with a vegetable and a fruit or dessert. Things like spaghetti, chicken and noodles, chili, tacos, vegetable beef soup, and hot dogs are the most popular. Once or twice a month we have something like chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. 

Q:  Where do you buy your food?

A:  The majority of our food is purchased at a food bank or our local grocery store. A portion comes from a source designated to soup kitchens while the remainder comes from leftovers from benefits catered by restaurants or canned goods donated by churches. 

Q:  How do you pay for all of this? Do you have lots of government grants?

A:  The short answer is "God." God provides miraculously every month by using individuals and churches. We are a faith-based ministry. Currently, we receive $1,000-$1,200 in financial donations that we can count on each month while at the same time spending an average of $3,500 each month. We receive no money from the government in anyway, shape or form.

Q:  How many do you feed?

A:  We began the Community Dinner in March 2009 feeding 15-20 people per night. Now our numbers range from 200 at the beginning of the month to 400 at the end; about 5,000 meals per month. If you include the food baskets and food given in produce giveaways and to other ministries, we fed about 23,000 our first year, 57,000 the second, and 78,000 last year.